Monday, September 4, 2017

A mystery

You're a mystery to me
And the little clues I get
Fascinate me.
The pictures I see
And the stories they tell
Intrigue me.
The things that you say
Lead to more questions
And I seek answers.
I don't want to ask
I don't want to interrogate
I don't want to pry.
But you're a mystery to me
And I patiently wait
For the mystery to unfold
So little pieces I have learned
Fit into place.
And so I resist
Trying to avoid using a question mark
Holding on to the questions
For another day
While the mystery
And suspense
Builds slowly.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stoking the fire

We're like coal in a fireplace
A gentle glow
A warmth between us
That emanates around us.
Every once in a while
There's a spark
Triggered by a look
A Casual graze of skin
Or a voice modulation
Wafting across the room.
A few times there's been a flame
Gently building
As we chat and share stories
With a comfortable silence.
What's stopping the fire
From bursting through?
Are we being too cautious?
Have we become that jaded?
Is this just a passing flame?

Do you want to join me
Fuel the fire,
Get it to roar and hiss,
Light up the darkness
That stops us,
Consume us,
And make us whole again?

Honey, it's you!

The warmth
In your honey eyes
Melts me
Seduces me
Serenades me
The smile
On your mischievous lips
Tugs at my heart
Draws me
Deeper into your eyes
Honey gold windows
Into your soul
Inviting yet challenging
My every sense

The smile widens
The left slightly more
Than the right
The eyes crinkle up
That honey gold
Is more intense
Invites me
More insistently
To gaze into them
Breathless I surrender


My lace and satin
Slithers to the floor
A pool of blue and silver
The fairy lights
Twinkling over my bed
Illuminate you
My skin glows
In the dim light
Beads of hot sweat
Trickle down
Over the goosebumps
Even as we get closer
You're barely visible
Yet certainly familiar
How did you find me?
Where did we meet?
Who are you?
Open your eyes
And then open mine. 


It's a strange thing-
It makes you crash,
Then let's you soar.
It makes you doubt,
Then gives you hope.
It makes you fear,
Then leads you to believe.
It makes you weep
Then prompts a chuckle.
It makes you fight
Then reach out for peace.

It's a strange thing-
Just when you're weak,
It makes you strong.
Just when you think you're dying,
It brings you alive.
Just when you're at the brink of sanity,
It makes you sane.
Just when you're about to speak,
It catches your throat.
Just when you're about to lie,
It shows you the truth.

It's a funny thing-
It creeps up on you
Takes over
Your mind and heart
Simultaneously lose

The Moment

Wrap me up
Hold me tight
Engulf me in your arms
Just for tonight.

Keep your lips on mine
Fingers entwined
Breath mingled
It's so divine.

Run your hands
Down my back
Pull me closer
Maybe give me a smack.

Push me down
Or kneel yourself
Have your way with me
Pleasure so intense.

Strum my strings
Rattle my chains
Drum me hard
Again, again and again.

Move to the beat
Of you and me
Only then is this symphony
Finally complete.

Dipped in Sapphire

I closed my eyes for a moment
And was suddenly transformed.
With a flourish of fabric,
The swish of a hand,
We travelled in time
To a world of sapphire.
Sapphire blue oceans,
Sapphire blue skies
With silver stars in millions,
Sapphire blue orchids,
Sapphire blue irises,
In the fields
And in your eyes.

Just as it took my breath away
I gulped in the clear, fragrant air
When I closed my eyes
To memorise it all,
I heard another swish and clink.
There you were
Piercing sapphire eyes
Filled with mischief,
And in your palm
A sapphire stone.
A stone so blue
So perfect
So luminous
So delicately placed
Amidst a pale titanium swirl
The depth so alluring.

Those beautiful palms
Nestling that sapphire
Wind around my neck
And as the clasp clicks
The sapphire, my sapphire,
Nestles seductively on my breast,
To complete the most perfect,
Sapphire Paradise that ever existed.

I luxuriate in the paradise,
Willing to stay forever
And yet
When I blink again,
That sapphire blue dream
Shatters into a million shards
Of unrecognisable dust.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


To you, I am a nuisance
To you, my heart is protein
To you, my brain is a barricade
To you, my limbs are meant to run away
But to me
My heart is a source of love
My brain is the centre of compassion
My limbs are pillars of strength
To me, I am nurturing.

But you don't see that
And I can't make you
Because you're eyes see
But do not perceive
Because you're heart beats
But doesn't feel
Because you're brain doesn't think
But calculates
Because you're limbs don't hold you up
But actually run away

You demand
You take
You hurt
You leave
You shatter

The crystal that is my soul.

Monday, November 14, 2016


The child in me longs for
The days of hopscotch
When all that mattered
Was that you stayed
within the box.

The child in me longs for
The days of lagorie
When all that mattered
Was a ball, seven stones,
And quick reflexes.

The child in me longs for
The days of hide and seek
When you only hid for fun
And all you sought after
Was your friend nearby

The child in me longs for
The days of ice cream
When all you had to do
Was finish your homework
To get a reward.

The child in me longs for
The days of jumping in puddles
When all that mattered
Was who splashed the farthest
And got muddier.

The child in me longs for
The days of swings
When every to and fro
Sent adrenalin and happiness
Flowing through your bloodstream.

The child in me longs for
The days of wonder and awe
When all it took
Was seeing fireworks in the sky
And watching a trail of ants.

The child in me longs for
The days of simplicity
When people said what they meant
When problems were fixed
With a chocolate and a hug.

The child in me longs for
Childhood and innocence
Humility and authenticity
When all that mattered
Was that you be yourself.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Drop the veil

Brain in orbit
Smile in check
Words that swim
Through my heart
And out of my breath
Feelings so confusing
Swirling around
Waiting for you to claim them
They need
Help with sound
Pick them up gently
Try them on for size
But please
Drop the disguise
Unhinge those hesitations
Let these words pass through
The truth like a bell
That tolls for you.
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